We use only the best ingredients to keep our customers happy. When you come in, you're treated like part of our family!


 The Crazy Eddie's saga started out in 1996 with Betty, Eddie and Guy who opened a small deli in southern California named Subs n Stuff Deli. We have alway's made great food and we started making our own signature sauces, mustards and spices. We have been a family owned company from the start. By 2000 we added three more deli's and another on the central coast in 2009.

With the rival deli culture and we felt that everyone was doing the same thing. We thought because we've been cooking competetion barbecue our sauces and rubs could stand up to the competitors. So we began turning our focus toward our own signature sauces. In 2009 we established a commercial facility and began producing our own products to sell wholesale. In 2009 we reluctantly decided to sell our last deli to our competitors, because we felt like we needed to focus on our gourmet sauces and spices. Our goal since we started out has alway's been to produce the highest quality products at fair prices.

Though our sauce business has slowly been catching on over the past few years, we simply felt a void, like something's been missing. So with careful deliberation by my wife and I we decided to re-open a restaurant with a little different theme and to showcase our sauces, mustards, and spices. Therefore, we made some small changes from our original menu. We have decided to open our panini grill and once again produce our amazing foods that our now paired with our one of a kind sauces.

We aren't looking for instant success. We know from over 25 years of food production experience and our past food endeavors that we need to earn your business. We plan to do so with great food, great service and a friendly family environment.

Our family would like to invite you to come in and try our food. We have a simple policy. We only use the finest ingredients and our promise is simple, we will only produce foods that are of the highest quality possible. All our food is made with special care and love.

So please be our guest and come in try what we have to offer..



  Crazy Eddie's                       Panini Grill

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